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Arms Micron Jida

Arms Micron Jida

Jida is the Micron supplied with Terrorcon Cliffjumper, the evil version of Cliffjumper. It's a completely new toy, not a repaint of CL which came with the original Arms Micron Cliffjumper toy. It's "character mode", a beast like all the other Decepticons, is a big cat, cast in grey plastic. Decepticons & Big Cats automatically make me think Ravage and I can see a lot here in his beast mode to remind me o0f the earlier Decepticon including 5mm holes on the shoulders which should take the original Ravage's cannons. All 4 legs move at the hip, there's two joints in the neck and one at the base of the tail. Two more 5mm ports are found on the top of the toy and another two on the bottom of the rear legs. A fold up 5mm post is on the back of the neck plus the entire tail is one long 5mm post.

Jida's official weapons mode is formed by folding all four legs back, folding the tail under the body and then folding the head & neck down under the toy before flipping the handle out so it can be used as a serrated blade weapon.

But that's not the end of the story...

Firstly you can turn the blade weapon into a gun: fold the back legs down and fold the tail outs as a gun barrel. Now from here you can plug extra weapons into the end of the tail if the extra weapon has a hole for the tail to fit in. If you want to attach an extra weapon by a post then fold the tail down so there's a 5mm socket pointing out the back of the toy.

From beast mode fold the from legs back then the legs and sides of the body out to the sides. Fold the tail under the body. What you get is a shield that a robot can hold or be pegged to the chest of a Power Core combiner.

Finally from shield mode you can fold all the limbs, head and tail out to the sides to form a sort of "tiger skin rug" mode! Very silly but....

Like the cat mode. The weapons mode isn't as obvious as some of the others but there's lots of fun trying alternate versions and uses of it out.

AMW-06 Jida

AMW-06's packaging shows this red repaint of Jida being used by Knockout, also red. But I suspect the real reason it was repainted in this colour is to match the original version of Prime Cliffjumper which it does quite nicely.

Hellflame Jida

The Hellflame Arms Micron promotion produced four Arms Microns in clear red plastic: the others were Gul (from Starscream), Noji (from Vehicon) and Zamu (from Breakdown). Jida was given away with a purchase of 3000 yen's worth of Transformers at Joshin and Bic Camera stores.

Two problems with this toy: a) the clear red is very similar to the solid red of AMW Jida and b) really, when you think about it, Jida should have been part of the previous Shadow Micron series cast in translucent smoked black plastic.....


.... because, let's face it, the one version of this toy we really want is a black one as Ravage. The Shadow Micron series was a great opportunity to do it but I'll settle for a solid black version. Takara/Tomy: make it happen!

And while we're on the subject how about a yellow Cheetor version and a white Tigatron version?

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