Thursday, 14 February 2013

Arms Micron BH

AM-10 B.H.

Ladies & Gentlemen: B.H. Worst Robot Mode *EVER* It's a big fat green ball with a head, curved arms and two short legs. Bar the legs he's almost a dead ringer for the Unproduced G1 Unicron. Articulation is horrendous with shoulders that swing forward and hips that bend back, both sets present for the Transformation rather than the articulation. He's got a 5mm Micron port at the top of his chest and another on the front of his crotch, separated by his orange Trapezoid Autobot spark. There's an additional socket on each arm and leg, 3 more under the figure and and a 5mm peg on his back..... speaking of which do not look at the robot side on. Just don't.

Right let's get onto the good stuff. Because B.H.Has not one but two weapons modes!

Fold the legs down and back into the body. Lift the chest up by the base and fold back 180 degrees revealing a 5mm handle hidden behind the chest panel.

Now this is a bit more like it: a Bulbous Gatling Gun weapon beating CL hand's down by having FIVE forward facing 5mm barrels. The peg is now on top of the barrels at the front, with the sockets from body and the arms facing up from the gun's handle at the back . Slot into a figure's 5mm peg hand and it looks just like the version of the weapon supplied with Cyberverse Bulkhead. Top stuff, with plenty of extra ports for expansion.

But we're not done yet. Oh no. Fold the gun handle/robot chest back down and into the front of the weapon. Pull on the peg sticking out the toy and it will come away bringing a length of plastic chain with it to transform the toy into the ball & chain seen with FE Bulkhead and Prime Bulkhead. Yeah the ball part of the weapon is a bit heavy one side due to the chest and yeah the chain could have been longer but ...

Two fab weapons modes. You need multiples. About the only thing that's wrong with the toy is the robot mode..... and that could have been done a lot better. Stand the weapons mode on the tubes with the robot chest facing forward. Now imagine that the chest is the other way up? Yes you've got the legs formed from the entire wrecking ball unit but it makes the robot look larger and better proportioned.

BH was released with the Takara Tomy version of Bulkhead on the 28th April 2012 and numbered AM-10.

AMW-11 B.H. B

BH's Arms Micron Weapon individual re-release swaps the green of BH for bright blue. It's a bit of an odd colour choice to put it mildly and the only reason I can come up with is to produce a matching weapon for Bulkhead's arch enemy Breakdown.

BH B was released on 29th September 2012 and numbered AMW-11 alongside Zori-M and Arc-S,

Note, while we are on the subject, the interesting tally between the Arms Micron numbers for the original toys and the Arms Micron Weapons numbers for their recolours:

Soundwave & Zori AM-09
Zori-M AMW-10
Bulkhead & BH AM-10
Arcee & Arc AM-11
Arc-S AMW 12

Since Zori also appears in AMW-14 it might have been nicer to drop his individual release and replace it with Zamu who's only individual release was as a limited edition (and now expensive to obtain Promo). Then each toy could have had the same Arms Micron Weapon number as it's original Arms Micron release!

Future Repaints

The most obvious repaint for this toy, and the one that the AMW release should have taken, would be a grey/silver version to match the ball & chain with the western versions of Bulkhead!

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