Saturday, 12 March 2016

Combiner Wars Wreck-Gar

Combiner Wars Wreck-Gar

A quickie, cos we've all got Groove.

It pains me to say it but Wreck-Gar's nowhere near as bad as I thought he would be.

000_0487 000_0488

Yes the majority of him, including everything white on Groove, is bright orange. How bright? Brighter than last year's Huffer!

000_0490 000_0501

New head is quite nice, can't do it justice with my limited camera skills! (apologies for all other photos: working with limited space, fading light, no flash, wobbly CMT affected hands and a lot of tiredness!)

Upper limbs are a dull palish yellow. For the large part black pieces on Groove remain black with heavy paint to the chest sides and windshield. Feet are now orange as are the arms, unpainted for the first time.

No combined mode on the instructions: Robot to bike one side, bike to robot the other.

000_0497 000_0498

It's OK. Personally I think it's better than Groove. But this isn't a hunt it down toy, be happy if you find one, don't go out of your way. As it is I had to pay for a half case from Kapow to get him!

000_0492 000_0496

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