Sunday, 28 August 2016

Unite Warriors & G2 Brawl

Generation 2 Brawl

The first Brawl repaint that was revealed, but the second to come on sale, comes in the G2 Bruticus boxart and swaps 1986 Brawl's greeny brown for Generation 2 Brawl's bright green and his dark grey for purple and adding the traditional G2 purple camouflage to give a look very similar to Generation 2 Megatron

Judging by the mis-transformed waist in the official pictures I suspected the waist wouldn't be fixed but thankfully it seems fine on my copy of this toy.

Unite Warriors Brawl

Very similar in deco to the original Combiner Wars Brawl, bar a red & orange face, this toy unfortunately finds itself afflicted with the same waist problems as my original Brawl. Add in the deficiencies with Blast Off's colour, the wrongly assembled knees on Onslaught and the frankly shocking new rotor assembly on Vortex and you get a very unhappy experience for me with the Unite Warriors UW07 Bruticus set!

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