Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Legends LG-27 Broadcast and LG-36 Soundwave

Legends LG-27 Broadcast

There's three main changes of plastic in order to translate Titans Return Blaster to Legends Broadcast. The first, and largest, change only affects the larger robot making the legs a darker grey. The other two changes affect both the larger toy and the Titanmaster, but are focussed on producing different changes to the Titanmaster. The body of the Titanmaster has changed from red to blue to make it the same colour as it's larger namesake Twincast. This also affects the tape deck eject button, making it more distinctive, and the internal leg hinges for the knee, foot and ramps, none of which are particularly conspicuous. The Titanmaster's large robot head has also changed colour, from black to white, to match his appearance in the Generation 1 cartoon continuity. This change has the bonus of turning the Titanmaster's legs white, which brings them nearer the colour used for Twincast's legs. Other parts affected by this change are the base mode arm gun, fold up panels and Cassette weapons array.

For my money he grey is nicer on the Legends version but it's not enough of a change to force me to buy Blaster again by himself. However I'm a terminal Titanmaster addict so the opportunity to own Titanmaster that resemble both Blaster and Twincast was too much to pass up. I can't help thinking that the set could have also done with a Legend bundled with it: Blaster so far only has one tape in Japan, Rewind, and either an Eject repaint of that or a Steeljaw repaint of Titans Return Stripes would have added to Blaster's army.

Legends LG-36 Soundwave

The changes made to Titans Return Soundwave are for the most part quite subtle. In general the blue used on the Legends toy is more blue and less purple than the Titans Return version, but you'd struggle to tell unless the toys are next to each other. The only other plastic change obvious in robot mode is that the arms, previously grey both above the elbows and below, are now blue but painted silver bellow the elbow. The same colour shift also affects the helmet's hinge. The most obvious change on the toy is to the tape door which was clear and is now clear blue. The paint on the shoulders has gone but there's more paint on the knees and the barrel of the gun is painted silver to look more like original's blue battery launcher with chrome missiles. Finally the visor on the figure's face is now painted red.

The Titanmaster body has gone from being Soundwave blue to Soundblaster black, again closer reflecting the Titanmaster's name. As with Legends Blaster this change also affects the tape deck eject button plus the internal leg hinges for the knee, foot and ramps. Meanwhile the Titanmaster larger robot face & Legs go from steel grey to black, as do the base mode arm gun, fold up panels and cassette weapons array, all now matching the colours they had on Titans Return Blaster.

Blaster may have had more drastic colour changes made but the choice between Soundwaves is easier as the Legends toy is by far the better one. Still wouldn't have said no to seeing a new Buzzsaw with him, as his Combiner Wars version could benefit from a Legends upgrade. Similarly Rumble hasn't appeared in the Japanese Legends line yet either and Frenzy hasn't been done at all!

I've now bought this toy FOUR times to get all the different colour Soundwave & Blaster Titanmasters!

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