Wednesday, 4 May 2016

G2 Dragstrip

G2 Dragstrip

Original Dragstrip had a cancelled Generation 2 repaint which would I thought would make a nice convention exclusive down the line. Turned out that this went in a G2 Menasor set which is an internet shared exclusive.

I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for Dragstrip: this is only his third repaint when others, Dead-End, are nearly in double figures! The other two Stunticon cars even appear together in Victorion but he gets ignored. He's got no remould, his weapon is one of the worst in the line and he shelf warmed in the UK by virtue of being the only Stunticon released here and not being the Aerialbot that UK fans needed to complete their Superion. His Japanese version is disliked due to a shoddy attempt with paint at giving him six wheels. Even his repaint is somewhere down the liked list due to some engineering decisions on the original preventing it from forming a more accurate Mirage.

However G2 Dragstrip is very nice. The black and blue work well together with the yellow cockpit being reflected in robot mode by the yellow combiner connector on the chest.

Great redeco. But, somehow, by the standards of this set Dragstrip isn't a winner in the box purely by virtue of not being mad enough!

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