Sunday, 15 May 2016

Unite Warriors Grand Scourge and CW G2 Motormaster & Menasor

Grand Scourge

This may take some explaining.....

Energon Optimus Prime, the most combiner orientated Optimus before the Combiner Wars Voyager, was released in Japan as Superlink Grand Convoy. Superlink Grand Convoy had a model kit version and that in turn was recoloured into Grand Scourge, which you can see a gallery of here. It's this version of Scourge that provides the inspiration for this toy.

Now I'll be honest: I was expecting this mould to get Scoured/Nemesis Primed but the version I thought they'd do first was the more familiar Car Robots/Robots in Disguise version. I didn't expect this slice of Japanese repaint madness!

As this gallery on Autobase Aichi shows, Prime's red and blue both become black while the grey becomes gold. The gun is now cast in lavender while he comes with an extra red sword, previously available in grey with Beast Hunter Ultimate Optimus Prime, which appears to be a nod to the sword wielding Car Robots/RiD Scourge. To complete the cacophony of colour the truck has metallic teal stripes!

Due to be available from E-Hobby in September 2015 this toy is a bit too busy colourwise for my liking but it's a Japanese exclusive recolour and was easy to pre-order from HLJ even if it wasn't cheap!

Generation 2 Motormaster

When Optimus was first released I predicted that the Motormaster version could be redone as his unreleased Generation 2 variant, that has then been recently glimpsed at auction. And sure enough....

It would be fair to say I had issues with Motormaster when he was first released. But the Generation 2 version is superb. A mad combination of purple and blue plastics works to a tee on this mould, far better than it did on the original. Photos do not do it justice.

Generation 2 Menasor

The madness doesn't stop with Motormaster though. Throw in the rest of the Stunticons, especially Dead End & Wild Rider in bright Red and Yellow respectively and the G2 Menasor looks amazing. A complete riot of 90s colour clash.

You need this combiner.

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