Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Legends LG-33 Highbrow with Karugo

Legends LG-33 Highbrow & Karugo

Titans Return and Legends Highbrows look very very similar. So similar that you really need to see them side by side as in this Legends Comparison Post on Facebook. When you get both Highbrows together you'll see the the blue on Legends Highbrow is darker while the grey is lighter, almost white. The weapons have gone from being gunmetal grey to silver. In vehicle mode he's lost the stripes down his tail and the Autobot symbol on his back. In it's place is a mass of grey/white paint attempting to make the waist of the robot the same colour but breaking up the blue on the tail. New small Autobot symbols are on each wing.

As with the other 1987 Headmaster deluxes that have reached the Legends line they've tweaked the heads and added in a new accessory. Highbrows heads look quite similar but the Japanese one is slightly more rounded and a little bit lacking definition compared with the western version. The Titanmaster now more closely resembles the 1987 original being completely dark blue with a gunmetal grey chest and added paint highlights on the head.

Highbrow's package also includes one of the Titanmaster accessories. Since Legends is following the Autobot vehicles, Decepticon animals theme he gets a vehicle: Karugo, a repaint of Loudmouth's flying car. pale grey is swapped for dark grey while the red becomes a blue which matches Legends Highbrow. a dab of red paint added to the windscreen helps the toy. Unfortunately the blue used doesn't match either blue used on Go Shooter, who was sold with Legends Wheelie but even so paired together they make a more attractive combination than the original Titans Return Loudmouth.

It's fractional but I think I prefer the Titans Return Highbrow for my Highbrow, especially on the head. However the Titanmaster robot & accessory are better than their western versions.

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