Saturday, 10 December 2016

Titans Return Titanmaster Overboard and Legends Servant

Legends Servant

For those keeping track this is Overall Use number 4 of the Titanmaster accessory and Japanese use number 2. His placing with Mindwipe is somewhat controversial since it is the second time Crashbash has been used as a pack in but the pack ins with original Headmasters seem to be limited to the first two waves of toys. That means there's six unique toys to be shared amongst 7 Headmasters and since there's only two Beast accessories and Takara are looking to match the accessories to the deluxes as vehicle to vehicle and beast to beast, then the choice is a little limited!

The colours chosen here are great: a metallic dark grey for Crashbash's purple and a dark burgundy red for Crashbash's grey resulting in a colour scheme on the dinosaur very VERY similar to the Tomy Zoids Iguan. It's a shame he has no matching Titanmaster to complete the look, the arms on Wipe's Vorath are purple and stick out a bit in Dinosaur mode.

Servant was packed with Legends LG-34 Wipe and released at the end of November 2016.

Titans Return Overboard

Overboard is another name change, in this case he's the Decepticon formerly known as Overkill. The names are close and virtually mean the ems thing. In a way it's a little disappointing he's shown up as a Titanmaster as it probably reduces the chances of their being a Legends Tape version to go with Soundwave, not that they look like doing many more after Wave 2 anyway! I suspect the logic for doing Overkill from Crashbash is that the Universe Overkill was a repaint of Classics Grimlock and Grimlock's already been done from Crashbash as Clobber.

Colour Swaps: Crashbash's purple becomes blue and the grey becomes much lighter, almost white. The Dinosaur head gets a paint app to make it white too. The Titanmaster uses the original Crashbash face but I do wonder if they'd have been better going with Grimlock's.

Stats: Fifth Crashbash dinosaur/dragon use, third in the west and in consecutive waves too! Fourth use of the Titanmaster, Third in the west, again in consecutive waves. Third use of that Titanmaster face, second in the west. It's a good toy and probably still the best Titanmaster but I think that's enough for now! Against that the Dinosaur looks really nice and very Overkill so, if they weren't doing him as a tape, the use of repainting Crashbash is a sensible one.

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