Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Siege on Cybertron Metalhawk

Siege on Cybertron Metalhawk

Probably the biggest surprise of Toyfair 2017 was the reveal of the deluxe repaint in the Strength Boxset. Leaks publicised by the Transmissions Podcast had indicated a deluxe figure called "Iron Apex", a new version of Apex Bomber/God Bomber would be included. A new version of Metalhawk from the then unrepainted Triggerhappy was came rather left field....

Exclusive to Japan Pretender Metalhawk gained fame not just for not being released in the west but also for incorporating die cast metal in it's design. A popular character in the Japanese cartoons his one transformable re-release is as a Botcon Exclusive Remould of Generations Thunderwing.

It isn't that drastic a repaint actually: all the blue stays blue except for the chest and it's side pieces which become a bronzey gold. The grey all stays grey too, maybe changing in shade a bit, except for the shoulders and guns, which become red although the shoulders are then painted blue which is really annoying as the blue wings are also painted but this time to red. Clear red replaces clear blue in the cockpit canopy and a new face modelled after his original version's inner robot face is also included.

The jet looks completely different, the robot looks different albeit with the colours in the right places but somehow this really works for me. Getting the robot colours right is a big plus in helping that and from there it's easy to see the vehicle as a Cybertronian version of Metalhawk.

Now can we have a reissue of the original please?

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