Saturday, 8 July 2017

Legends Black Convoy

Legends Black Convoy

Evil Black Optimus Prime repaints aren't as obligatory as they once were but when your Optimus is modelled after the Laser Rod Optimus Prime design used for Car Robots Black Convoy/Robots in Disguise Scourge it would be rude not to. The only reasons I can think that it hasn't showed up in Titans Return is the mold has been used three times there (Voyager Optimus Prime, his Chaos on Velocitron Laser Prime repaint and also as the Octone remould) and that his western name Scourge has been used on it's original character. As I've said many times previously I think the Scourge name was wrongly used back in 2001 and that he should have been Mega Octane, a name with more fuel related connotations and linking to his alt mode.

You know that the robot mode is going to lend itself to being Black Convoy by virtue of the design and the black, accompanied by grey for the upper legs & elbows and some silver & blue highlights, looks fab. The look is completed by the sword being cat in clear pink. The tanker mode looks good, with the unadorned trailer sides painted silver. The silver trailer then helps the jet giving it a plain body, as opposed to the heavily stickered previous versions, which coupled with the black nose gives the plane probably it's best version yet.

As a bonus, Takara have created a base mode for this toy: The legs are stretched out to the sides with the body forming a tower, with the arms linked together round the gun, and the wings folded forward to form a platform. Far better than several of the official Titans Return bases!

Top repaint, glad to have got one.

For pictures, including comparisons with previous versions, see Alfes Blog 2803 & 2804

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