Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Titans Return Blitzwing with Hazard and Octone with Murk

Titans Return Blitzwing with Hazard

If the design of Voyager Megatron wasn't enough to tell you what this toy is really meant to be then computer listings revealed a Voyager Octane which was released in Titans Return Wave 5 somewhere between May and July 2017 depending on where you were in the world. Essentially it's mainly a simple colour swap with the darker grey, light grey and red becoming purple, sandy beige and very dark grey respectively. He gets a new chest and face in robot mode, the jet mode is essentially the same but purple but the tank mode gets a little interesting. He has a new purple tank barrel, which the seated weapon carried over from Megatron can attach to the top of. But this gun barrel is removable, leaving just a 5mm peg behind which in turn raises the question that should Megatron's short gun barrel should also be removable? The longer tank barrel can also attach to the front of the seat weapon to form a long handgun for robot mode while the fusion cannon is gone replaced by a sword.

Sadly the problems with transforming the legs persist, even harder than I remember them being for Megatron.

So.... Is it a decent repaint of Megatron? Yes. Is it a better Voyager than the Generations T30 effort with the notoriously dodgy shoulders? Oh yes! Job done then.

Titans Return Octane with Murk

Now it's painfully obvious that Optimus Prime with Diac and his opposite number Megatron with Doomshot were due to be new versions of Octane & Blitzwing. But while Blitzwing has some serious issues with his most recent version, Octane's never been done in the Voyager scale that the rest of the Triplechangers have been done in. Astrotrain has already been remade in Titans Return as a repaint of Sentinel Prime, another use of a "pre paint" where the repaint comes out before the obvious intended version.

If the design wasn't enough to tell you what this toy is really meant to be then computer listings reveal a Voyager Octane, which was released in Titans Return Wave 5 under his Japanese name Octone.

Whereas Blitzwing is the second use of that mould after Voyager Megatron, Octone is this mould's fourth outing after Voyager Optimus Prime, Chaos on Velocitron Leader Prime and Legends Black Convoy. Fortunately there's some remoulding to help differentiate him. In robot mode Octone, like Blitzwing gets a new face and chest plate. The front of his shoulder towers are also changed, but to my mind they should be folded down for Octane anyway. Gone is the sword, replaced by a gun modelled after his original, but the double barrelled gun with seat remains. One of the remoulds for plane mode is visible in robot mode too: the straight wings with hinges in the middle are gone replaced with slanted solid one piece wings. Transforming to plane mode also reveals a more rounded jet nose. The tanker mode is largely the same, albeit recoloured, but changes to other modes have reportedly caused problems with the tanker holding together in places.

Decent repaint and remould, does the job just fine and improves the jet on previous versions.

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