Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Siege on Cybertron Tidal Wave

Titans Return Tidal Wave

Of the rumours coming out of the Transmissions Podcast a Titans Return version of Armada Tidal Wave from Broadside seemed one of the more likely. Both were triple changers, of a sort, with sea and flying modes involved. Aside from Micromaster Flattop there weren't many other sensible suggestions for reusing Broadside queing up.

Titans Return Tidal Wave was revealed at Toyfair 2017 with official images, albeit with a mis-transformed robot mode, released at the same time. Both sets of pictures show Tidal Wave in a colour scheme which resembles his cartoon colours, as sported on his Japanese repaint MD-06 Shockwave. Unfortunately the colours shown at toyfair and in the image release aren't quite right with the purple being too pale.

Thankfully though by the time the toy was released that had been corrected and he sported a much darker purple nearly matching his earlier toy complemented by pale grey and a clear orange for his canopy and gun pieces. The other benefit of these colours are he fits right in with the other three Titans Return Decepticon Triplechangers who also use grey and purple, making it feel as if the 85/6 toys have finally found their long lost brother. The odd sloping forward tail wings make some sort of sense this time as they now match what the wings on the original Tidal Wave did.

I like my Tidal Wave, they've done a smashing job on the colours, far better than the toyfair showroom and official images show him. Yes, for the character, he could be bigger, but for my money he's better than Broadside.

Tidal Wave forms part of the Siege on Cybertron boxset, also known as the Strength set, which is a BBTS exclusive in the USA. The boxset also contains Magnus Prime, a repaint of Legends Ginrai, Metalhawk, a Triggerhappy repaint, and new toys Pounce & Titanmaster Thunderwing.


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Future Repaints

Tidal Wave's colours are close to his Micron Legend version but that still leaves his Armada or Energon versions as possible repaints.

I've always thought that an ideal repaint of the original Broadside would be Micromaster Flattop and the same applies to his Titans Return version.

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