Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hunt For The Decepticons Brimstone and Reveal The Shield Chopsaw

Hunt For The Decepticons Brimstone

Brimstone is a Decepticon chopper style motorbike with A grey frame and blue bodywork which overlaid with a metallic green flame deco. The wheels turn but I can't get the front forks and handlebars to move to the sides. My Brimstone has difficulty locking both sides of the handlebars together, and locking the engine into the underside of the fuel tank, both of which affect the look of the vehicle mode. The handlebars are 3mm wide so you can clip weapons onto them that support the clip & bar gimmick.

Transformation: Pull the engine down, separate in two down the middle, then pull the underside of the engine halves down and forward to form the legs. Split the front wheel, handlebars and fuel tank down the middle and fold each half out to the sides so that the fuel tank halves lock onto the sides of the saddle. Pull the legs & waist back so they're under the rear wheel. Fold the saddle back. Fold each front fork forward to act as an arm, rotating out to the sides & forward at the bicep and bending at the elbow. Rotate the mudguard halves forward,fold out the hands and turn the head forward.

Brimstone's robot mode looks more like an alien than a Transformers toy. Yes there's some Bay influence here but the design here feels different to the likes of Movie Bumblebee or Barricade. We get an almost skull like head with a row of teeth but missing a lower jaw - he wouldn't look amiss in a scene of Transformer Zombies. I like the buzzsaw blades, formed from the front wheel, built into each forearm. Each arm bends at the elbow, turns at the bicep and is ball jointed at the shoulder which in turn swings backwards & forwards at the body. The head & hips are on ball joints too, while the knees bend. The waist does turn but if you've got the saddle folded up the robot's back that will fix the waist in place.

Yes the bike has problems, well on my one at least. But the robot mode is a little different and would make a good army builder.

Brimstone is a first wave Hunt For The Decepticons Scout toy released in 2010.

Reveal The Shield Chopsaw

Chopsaw is a repaint of Brimstone replacing the blue with purple on the bodywork with yellow highlights. The paint colours used here immediately put me in the mind of Armada Sideways. I don't yet have one in hand so I don't know if he has a heat sensitive rub sign like the other Reveal The Shield toys, but if he does I'm not sure where they'd put it. I'm also a little unsure as to which faction he is (again a nice throw back to Sideways) though I'd be putting money on him being a Decepticon.

Chopsaw sits in a case with lots of previously issued toys and one new mould, Windcharger. At the time of writing this case is the only announced Scout case for Reveal the Shield.

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