Wednesday, 8 December 2010

TK-04 Lightspeed


To my mind Lightspeed's vehicle mode is the least interesting of the Technobots: he's a futuristic looking red car, with a rounded white windscreen and lower sides. There's a spoiler at the rear and to either side of it are 5mm holes for mounting his Infra-Red Missile Launchers.

Transform: Fold the rear of the car back under the car. Pull the front of the car - from behind the front wheels and forward - out to reveal the legs. Fold the front of this section further forward and fold up to become the robot's feet. Fold the sides of the rear of the car forward to become the arms. Peg the Light-Burst Gun into his hand and if you want remove the missiles, leave them as they are or remove them and re-attach them pointing forward under the arms.

The robot mode is a bit boring: the top of the car, stood on it's front with a head sticking out the rear. Sorry, can't enthuse here.

Lightspeed also forms a limb for Computron.

Arm mode: Use the car mode, but pull the front of the car - from in front of the front wheel - forward and up to reveal the peg hole. Peg the fist in. Fold the Scramble City connector out from under the car.

Leg mode: Use the robot mode, retract the legs and swing the arms to the sides of the body. Fold the feet backwards. Peg a foot into the bottom of the toy so that the Computron foot is facing out of the same side as the front of the robot.

The instructions show Lightspeed serving as Computron's right leg.

Sorry, Lightspeed is the one big failure in the Technobots in my opinion.

Lightspeed was sold in the USA & UK in 1987 at Technobot TK-04 and as part of the Computron giftset. In Japan he was Transformers toy C-89 and was sold as part of the Computicon giftset.

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