Saturday, 4 December 2010

TK-01 Afterburner


The Technobots are, like many of the 1987 Autobots, futuristic vehicles. Afterburner is a futuristic motorcycle, a mode which has always reminded me of the
Tron Light Cycle. Mainly orange,with a painted white window over the passenger compartment the toy features a grey & white structure holding the 2 wheels in place. A close look reveals two small grey stabiliser wheels concealed in the bodywork. The vehicle mode comes armed: with the front towards you he has his Incendiary Missile Launcher on the left side and his Plasma Pulse Cannon on the right. Both are removable and are mounted on 5mm pegs so Computron can use them as hand weapons.

Transformation: remove the weapons. fold the passenger compartment forward 180 degrees. Fold the rear of the passenger compartment under the toy to form a heel spur and stand. Fold the back wheel down behind his head. Swing the sides of the bike round to form the arms and peg his Sonic Blaster Pistol into the side of his hand.

Afterburner's robot mode is mainly orange with a brown body, painted silver on the sides of the chest. The only white on the robot is in the middle of the waist. His shoulders turn and he can also bend forward. He can't use the Plasma Pulse Cannon in this mode because the 5mm peg holes don't allow enough clearance form the floor for it to be mounted, but the Incendiary Missile Launcher will peg into his right ankle.

Afterburner's robot mode forms the basis for both limb modes. Remove the gun and fold the arms to the sides to start

Arm mode: Fold the head forward to form the Scramble City connector. Plug a fist into the robot's feet.

Leg mode: Plug a foot into the hole in the robot's feet.

The instructions show Afterburner serving as Computron's right arm. When in arm mode Afterburner can mount both of his vehicle mode weapons as extra firepower for Computron. I put the Plasma Pulse Cannon on the top of the arm with the Incendiary Missile Launcher underneath.

Two decent modes, lots of weapons and a transformation that's different from the other Scramble City limbs. Fab.

Afterburner was released in the west in 1987 at Technobot TK-01 and also in the Computron giftset. In Japan he was Transformers toy C-90 also available in the C-91 Computicon giftset.

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