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Transformers Blurr & Targetmaster Blurr with Haywire

Transformers Blurr

Blurr is one of three futuristic cars introduced in the Transformers toy range in 1986 to tie in to the movie. Blurr is a futuristic blue race car. He's thin and pointed with an outrigger on either side that ends in an engine like you'd expect to see on a jet. The window to the passenger compartment is moulded plastic set in the middle of the vehicle with a small fin set behind it. Turning the car over we find four small wheels that provide the movement.

I get Blurr's vehicle mode in a way that I don't quite get Kup's. You can see what they're getting at here, this looks like it's advanced and fast.

Transformation: pull the nose of the car off and set aside for later. Fold the robot's legs out from under the car, then rotate the wheels at the bottom of the legs back to reveal the feet. Pull the outriggers forward to form the arms then pull the front of the outriggers forward & fold them back under the arms to reveal the hands. Fold the rear of the car down & under the car to form the robot's back and fold the head up. Place the Electro-Laser into one of his fists while a peg on the back of the nose front allows it to be held as a shield.

Blurr's robot mode looks nice, with the engines ending up on his shoulders, the windshield forming the chest and the fin ending up on top of a rather square, almost television set like head. His articulation is severely limited though: his arms swing forward & back at the shoulders and that's it.

Look good in both modes. Better than Kup, but I think I prefer Hot Rod out of the future car trio.

Blurr was sold in the US & UK in 1986, though stock was available into 1987. In Japan he was sold in 1986 & 1987 as Japanese Transformer C-79 Blurr.

Blurr has never been reissued but several remakes have been produced: Armada Blurr which was remoulded into Cybertron Blurr and
Animated Blurr.

Targetmaster Blurr with Haywire

Like Hot Rod
and Kup Blurr returned to the shelves in 1987 as a Targetmaster. His fists, and the peg on the shield, were modified to the 5mm size. A new 5mm peg hole was added to the vehicle, at the front of the windscreen, to allow his new companion Haywire to be mounted there in gun mode.

Haywire is a typically static Targetmaster with a grey upper body and lower legs - these colours are common to the other four western exclusive Targetmaster Guns: Firebolt (with Hot Rod)
& Recoil (with Kup) and Fracas (with Scourge) & Nightstick (with Cyclonus) as well as the reuse of the Decepticons guns as Nightstick (with Artfire) and Nebulon (with Stepper) respectively. The toys that were released in both countries use a different colour scheme: The Autobot Targetmaster guns, Pinpointer (with Crosshairs), Peacemaker (with Pointblank) & Spoilsport (with Sureshot), all have a common red & black colour scheme while the Decepticon Targetmaster guns, Aimless (with Missfire), Caliburst (with Slugslinger) and Blowpipe (with Triggerhappy) all use a grey & blue colour scheme. Haywire transforms by folding his chest forward onto the front of his legs revealing the single gun barrel extending from his body behind his legs and his 5mm peg handle mounted in the middle of his back.

I like the addition of Haywire even if it has cost Blurr his gun.

Blurr is the only 1986 car redone as a Targetmaster yet to be re-released. Hot Rod
and Kup both had superb Transformers collection releases including the original & Targetmaster weapons. We await the day a similar version of Blurr is released.

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