Sunday, 31 July 2016

Titan Force Sentinel Prime

Titan Force Sentinel Prime

Titan Force Sentinel Prime is a rare example of clear repaint in the Western Transformers line. He's not 100% a straight colour swap and the swaps reveal something of how the parts trees are made up

Feet Grey Clear Orange
Other Grey Parts Grey Cherry Red
Red Red Lighter Red
Lower Legs Orange Lighter Red
Other Orange Parts Orange Clear Orange
Canopy Clear Yellow Clear Yellow


The yellow paint applications on the lower legs & shoulders in robot mode, and the wheels in train mode remain the same but the chest paint applications are now red. All the red paint applications look the same but there's extra red covering the entire front of the Titanmaster Head while the black paint over the hand guns is also now red but their true colour continues to be exposed on their 5mm handles. The dual cannons on his arms are now painted red too: these really should have been painted red, or even better black, on the original.

Tolerance wise all the parts still fit together ok and, if anything, the connectors for the wings seem to have slightly tighter 5mm sockets. The Titanmaster socket feels very loose on the toy I have


The shuttle mode is now much more red than it was with little of the clear orange visible and the same is true of the train.


The full glory is only revealed in robot mode.


As ever the long term viability of small clear parts is an issue and the clear limbed Titanmaster scares me so that won't be transformed often!


But I'm a sucker for clear repaints like this and had to have it as soon as I saw it!

Sentinel Prime was sold at San Diego Comic Con 2016 as part of the Titan Force Boxset which also contained a redecorated RID Windblade and a version of Brainstorm remoulded from Blurr. When this set was sold at the UK Film and Comic Con Brainstorm was renamed Charron due to a trademark problem.

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