Saturday, 9 July 2016

Titans Return Nightbeat


Nightbeat was unveiled at NYCC 2015 and of all the Titanmasters he probably caused the most fuss. Unlike Squeezeplay/Crashbash, Horri-bull/Terri-bull and Siren/Loudmouth-44302, who have been all but ignored since their initial appearance, Nightbeat is a popular character who has appeared regularly in the comics and had several versions, the most recent of which was only 2 years ago. So having Nightbeat released as just a head caused some ruckus. To be honest I'd be surprised if we don't see Nightbeat and his fellow Wave 1 Titanmaster and Siren returning as Chromedome repaints down the line.

Then there's the matter of which Nightbeat face he has. Over the years some confusion has arisen between Nightbeat and Siren over who has which face! Generally most depictions of Nightbeat include a visor over the eyes following it's use in the original comic including IDW's More Than Meets The Eye and the most recent toys. This toy however has gone the opposite route and used the same design as the original toy showing Nightbeat as having full yellow face with no visor. However while the original Nightbeat Headmaster figure, Muzzle, was yellow with black legs the Titanmaster follows the colour pattern of the original toy by being all pale blue with a yellow body and upper legs. The official images, released after NYCC 2015, show this wasn't always the plan as the render there has all yellow legs!

Nightbeat's accessory is a little light blue and yellow jet plane. Nightbeat lies on top of the plane, face down, to pilot it with his feet being pegged into the rear of the jet. There's no slot for his heel spur/foot tab so he can't be turned the other way up.

To transform Nightbeat's accessory turn it the other way up, fold the wings in, fold the jet nose down and into the body revealing the drill nose and fold forward the yellow piece resting behind the jet nose.

The drill mode is a little bit of a let down. For a start the jet nose is clearly visible in the body of the drill tank. The drill itself doesn't turn. There's nowhere really for Nightbeat to sit but you can just about perch him on the back with his feet tucked under the yellow piece halfway down the tank. The intention here is that you put the head mode into the rear of the vehicle, face down with the legs on top and the peg holes pointing forward as gun barrels. Unfortunately his Titanmaster head, and any Titanmaster head, seem very unwilling to slot into the yellow piece of plastic where it's meant to. Those that have had success getting the head in have later reported problems getting the head back out again to the point the head stays put and the rest of the Titanmaster comes away!

This drill tank mode forms the basis of the handweapon mode, simply fold down the handle from the back of the toy.

Yeah. Easily the worst of the Wave 1 Titanmasters but he'll sell cos it's Nightbeat.

In Japan the Nightbeat Titanmaster is mildly repainted and packaged with LG-28 Rewind. I'll imagine we'll see it again repainted as Minerva. Meanwhile the jet/drill accessory will be packaged with LG-32 Chromedome later on in 2016.

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