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Titans Return Loudmouth

Titans Returns Loudmouth

Loudmouth is another Transformer who is visible on Titan Wars Banner "accidentally" revealed at Botcon 2015. He was revealed in official image released at NYCC 2015 despite not physically being present at the event.

I'm told the Titanmaster itself is modelled after Quig the headmaster for Siren but they bear very little resemblance in robot or head mode. Quig was blue, with black legs while Loudmouth is grey with a red chest and lower legs. I suppose the robot mode faces, with red visored eyes and blue head sides looks a little similar but the main connection appears to be between Siren's loud personality and Loudmouth's name! Although Loudmouth is just a head here I fully expect to see him and Nightbeat and returning as Chromedome repaints down the line.

Loudmouth's accessory looked a bit lacklustre in the preview pictures. It's a vehicle of some sort but is it a car? Speedboat? Cybertronian Air Car? I'm not sure. There's no wheels to help us out. In fact the middle of the vehicle is a hole from top to bottom with some clever interior moulding to enable the Titanmaster to sit in it securely aided by a pair of foot pegs towards the front of the vehicle.

. To transform Loudmouth's accessory turn it upside down, flip the sidesdown and raise the rear of the vehicle to form the front of the new vehicle which appears to be a tank of some description. That's all the Hasbro pictures gave us in advance but in hand it's possible to sit the Titanmaster in it in one of two ways, either towards the back of the vehicle or toward the front with his hands tucked into the red weapon which has slots to the rear which just fit them.

The instructions show Loudmouth attached in head mode: I'd move the red weapon down first and then rock the head in so the tabs to the side of the slot in the middle of the weapon lock round the slots in the side of his head and then fold the red weapon back, recessing the head in the middle of the gap in the tank and providing it with an extra pair of gun barrels courtesy of the foot peg holes.

It's from here that Hasbro recommends folding down the handle in the back of the tank mode to turn it into a hand gun. I was really dubious as to how well this would work as a weapon but since I got it Blaster has spent nearly the entire time holding it.

Yes he inevitably pales up against the superb Crashbash. But for me he's a lot of fun and better than I thought he would be,

As yet his accessory hasn't been packed with a Japanese toy but his Titanmaster head appears with Legends Wheelie as Siren's Japanese repaint Go Shooter.

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