Saturday, 30 July 2016

Titans Return Brawn

Titanmaster Brawn

Brawn is "due". His 1984 Minibot friends have all been done as Legends toys, to varying degrees of success, and a Legends Brawn was seen on a computer listing in 2013 but hasn't materialised as yet - he's still consistently rumoured to this day. Instead he reaches the shelves first as a Titanmaster.

Brawn's Titanmaster is cast in a slightly metallic dark green and a pale yellow, both reminiscent but not identical to the green and orange used on the original. The green is used for his head, arms and upper legs while the yellow forms his chest & lower legs. It's hinting at the colours of the original Brawn here and indeed the Titanmaster's head resembles the original Microchange toy with visored eyes & a faceplate. The Titanmaster's head mode meanwhile is modelled after Brawn's animated version with a dark metallic grey round head and a silver face with eyes, nose and mouth. It's quite a clever way of homaging both design of the character.

Brawn's accessory is a little dark green jeep. Unlike the traditional jeep design the wheels have been replaced with triangular tracks making it look distinctly odd! Brawn can "sit" in the jeep & drive it, if you count bending his lower legs back at the knee and plugging them into pegs in the rear of the vehicle's interior as sitting! Even in this position his head is poking over the solid yellow windscreen.

Brawn can also combine with the keep: his head mode, looking down, plugs into the rear of the interior to give you a vehicle looking a bit like the original Brawn Minibot vehicle design. The clip it plugs into can be slid down allowing you to move the head in place and then slide the clip back up round the grooves in the side of the head.

Brawn's accessory transforms: The four panels at the front & back of each side fold forward & back. Fold the windscreen down into the vehicle and turn it over where you can see it's pushed a little handle bar control panel up. Lie Brawn's Titanmaster down so he can grasp this while his feet pegs are pegged into the rear of the interior. No I don't have a clue what this mode is meant to be? Space bike of some description perhaps?

If you remove the Titanmaster and turn the space bike thing over you'll find you can slide the Titanmaster head clip down inside the interior which extends a 5mm peg out the bottom enabling it to be used as a gun. As weapons go it's quite a long thin gun and probably works the best of all the Titanmaster accessories as a hand held weapon. There's also lots of customisation options here: The rear of the weapon can be separated & folded forwards to beef up the sides or put the Brawn head inside the weapon or even seat the figure inside it.

Very good Titanmaster. Decent primary vehicle, with two different ways of interacting with the Titanmaster, although getting him sat in it is a little troublesome positioning the foot holes on the pegs. Odd secondary vehicle mode. SUPERB weapons mode.

Sorry Apeface, Brawn's the star of the new toys in Titanmasters Wave 2.

I should mention that the first version of the toy I owned was missing the piece the head clipped into in the interior which is connected to the weapons mode handle. So I couldn't form the bulkier jeep or use it as a weapon

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