Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Titans Return Apeface


Having been rumoured for some time Apeface was revealed at Botcon 2016. He's the first of the 1987 Headmasters to be released in the Titanmaster size and, to be honest, you'd have thought Apeface's Robot-Jet-Ape combination would, along with his fellow Horrocon Snapdragon, have been more suitable for the triple changing Voyager size used by Sentinel Prime & Galvatron, even if it meant them loosing the triple changing head and the Titanmaster riding inside their beast modes like all the other beast Headmasters do.

As it is Apeface's Titanmaster has just one head mode, the robot's, and that's a pretty good reproduction of the original albeit with better proportions. The Titanmaster robot is purple, with black arms & head, which has similar detail to the large head and would make a passable Optimus. He retains the features of the other Titanmasters: the grooves in the back of the head to fit the neck clips & Crashbash/Clobber, the leg back holes for securing on a Leader, the heel spur for balance & securing when sitting down and the footpeg holes.

Apeface's accessory comes in ape mode and stands about 1cm taller than a Titanmaster. It's mainly moulded in black & purple plastic with a lot of white paint. He's posed so he looks like an a frame from the side, but the balance is good enough that you can raise one of the arms, but not both at the same time. The shoulder joint is the only articulation. Fists are posed with a side on hole which doesn't look to be any of the standard used peg hole sizes. A significant space is provided in the reverse of the plane mode's nose cone on his back and two foot pegs at the bottom of this space allow the Titanmaster to stand on his back.

It is recommended you leave the purple handle for the gun mode folded away. Folding it forward, produces a rather suggestive looking ape mode!

Transform: fold the ape arms back as far as they'll go so they lie parallel with the body. Fold the jet nose forward off the ape's back and lie on the ape's tummy.

The Jet mode isn't a bad representation of the original Apeface jet. All the major features are there: the wrong way round wings, the white nose with red tip and the angular canopy. There's enough space in the back for the Titanmaster to sit there loosely but his official mode of connection here involves lying him down, with his face looking up and tucking his head under the cockpit canopy with the heel spur tabbing into the rear of the jet.

As with the other Titanmaster accessories, Apeface has a weapons mode. From jet mode fold the beast arms down and forward 180° so they lie parallel with the jet nose. Fold the weapons handle down from the rear of the jet.

Big chunky triple barrelled weapon, with the arm barrels ending in diagonal slants. It looks OK, but the middle barrel is evidentially the jet nose, complete with red tip and is very distinctive.

Good solid toy, I like it, but it's not blowing me away as being as innovative & fun as Crashbash.

My sample was obtained from BBTS when they, briefly, had stock in early July 2016 along with the rest of Titanmasters Wave 2. Sadly, as you may have read elsewhere, my Brawn was incomplete so you'll need wait for a replacement before I review that!

Apeface's accessory is scheduled to be used as a pack in with Legend LG-30 Weirdwolf where black & purple are swapped for yellow & blue/green respectively. The Titanmaster is later packed with Legends LG-38 Condor (Laserbeak) but no western repaint is yet scheduled. Optimus Primal perhaps?

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