Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Titans Return Clobber


Except it's not REALLY a new character called Clobber, it's Grimlock, presumably name changed to avoid confusion with the RiD 2015 Warrior.

Clobber is mainly a straight colour swap with Crashbash: purple becomes a dark, almost brown, metallic grey and pale grey becomes mustard yellow. One the Titanmaster this results in a colour layout resembling the original Grimlock, with a yellow chest and dark grey elsewhere, but although I can see what they're going for this doesn't quite hit the mark. Dragon mode looks OK with the silver paint app moving from the neck to the head. This in turn gives the T-Rex a silver tail, like original Grimlock, but Grimlock didn't have yellow legs. The area of gold on Grimlock's body is much smaller than Clobber's yellow but despite this it's evident that this mode is modelled on the original Grimlock and raises the likelihood that Grimlock is the originally intended use, rather than Crashbash (Squeezeplay). Grimlock's Dinosaur mode is completed with an Autobot symbol on his nose.

Since the legs & wings are on ball joints, and the body's hinges are holes that pop on over studs it should be a simple matter to swap parts between the two and make an all grey Grimlock dinosaur. Popping the wings out their sockets and back in is rather scary though so be careful and the writer takes no blame for any damaged incurred modifying your toys!

The head mode is quite important here and it's a pretty good Grimlock head. I've already seen one superb custom using a version of the FOC Grimlock. I can't see Grimlock going down the "Human for a head" route used in the Marvel comics but the Japanese version where the head is a smaller less powerful robot downsized for energy reasons that joins with a larger body for battle.... yeah, I can see Grimlock going for that and indeed have money for a toy like that Hasbro....... and I want it redone in purple as a full size Decepticon Dinosaur Crashbash too!

Crashbash was the star of the first wave so bringing him back quickly and repurposed as a famous character makes sense. He'll sell well on the Grimlock link alone.

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