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Titans Returns Terribull

Titans Returns Terribull

Terribull is another Transformer who is visible on Titan Wars Banner "accidentally" revealed at Botcon 2015. He was officially unveiled at NYCC 2015.

Terribull is the new name for the 1988 Headmaster Horri-bull. The colours have moved around from Horri-Bull's Headmaster Kreb, with the head and arms now being blue while the lower legs are grey leaving just the blue upper legs and grey chest in the same place. His head mode, mainly dark blue with a goldy brown faceplated face, is a pretty good match for the original.

Terribull's accessory, the item that was seen on the Titan Wars banner, is a small tank with a pair of double barrels on the front, reminding me of the GI Joe Armadillo. Each pair of barrels can elevate, but that's your limit of movement. Terribull can sit behind the gun barrels with his foot holes plugging into foot pegs while the tab on the rear of the leg recesses into the floor. Sadly there are no wheels on the tank.

The accessory's alternate mode is formed by removing Terribull, turning the vehicle over, folding a jet nose from the front and folding the sides down to become wings.

This jet mode is a bit stumpy, but is quite fun with the guns hanging from underneath. Sadly you can't seat Terribull in it: he's designed to be led on his back in it, head under the rear of the nosecone, legs tabbed into the slope at the rear.

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From here the weapons mode is formed by folding down a handle from the rear of the vehicle. This looks a little odd with the jet nose on top and gun barrels underneath but it works.

Not the worst of the Wave 1 Titanmasters but not special like Crashbash his.

Terribull is repainted, with a new face on the Titanmaster, as Sky Tread, a new version of Flywheels, in Titanmasters wave 2. His accessory swaps sides and gets a green recolour to become an extra Weapon for Hardhead as part of Legends LG-21. We'll wait slightly longer for his Titanmaster when he appears under his Japanese name Bullhorn and is paired with Jaguar (Ravage) in LG-37, due out towards the end of 2016.

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